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Kitchen Bundle

Kitchen Bundle

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These Zero Waste Bundles are intended to help you get started on our journey, by creating curated collections of items that will help you begin moving the needle in your sustainable journey! Remember, start in the spaces of your life it feels easiest to stick with your swaps! It’s only sustainable if you stick with it long term! 

1 Kitchen Dish Brush (purchase replacement heads from us!) 

1 Pot Scrub brush (perfect handle to get in tough corners in your pots! 

1 Pot & Pan Scraper 

1 Swedish Dish Cloth (absorbs 15x their weight in liquid, quick dry, fully compostable) 

1 16oz bag of Dishwashing Powder (refills available!)

1 Lemon solid Dish Soap


*Swedish Dish cloth may be a different design than the one pictured. 

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.