The human behind the shop.


I, Rachel, started this business part-time back in 2018 selling handmade macrame & textile goods. During this time I was working full-time making soap and doing product development for a bodycare company in Colorado. We moved away in 2019 and I continued the macrame business and made soap on the side for fun. From a hobby to a business, I began selling soap alongside macrame in 2020.That brings us to now, 2022. I have slowly phased macrame out of my business to allow my focus to shift heavily on soap & sustainable, functional goods! I am thrilled and optimistic to share my business with Cedar Rapids and become the area’s first low waste refill shop. 

My Favorite

Choosing a favorite is hard because I do not produce anything that I am not proud or love! But right now, I am really vibing with The Eucalypts & Grapefruit Bar Soap is my favorite product! This soap fills the air with it sent of eucalyptus and grapfruit.

Shop Indigo River & Co. Soaps at :

Green Haven Refill Shop, Jacksonville IL

The Shop, Iowa City & Kalona IA

Cielo Goods, Coralville IA

Kismet Coffee & Bloom, Cedar Rapids IA

Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines IA

Bass Farms, Cedar Rapids IA

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