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  • Bokashi Composting Basics

    Why Bokashi?

    Bokashi is great for small space living both in and outdoor which makes it accessible for a lot more people. The process is very beginner friendly and not time consuming, which is great for all of us with busy schedules. Bokashi allows for a wide range of additions that often are discouraged from composting such as dairy, bones and meat scraps. This form of composting is much quicker and efficient than other forms. As a bonus Bokashi provides free fertilizer for both your indoor and outdoor plants in the form of liquid extracted from the bottom of your bin.

  • What is a Low Waste Refill Shop?

    The overall goal of this shop is to create a space where everyone feels safe and empowered to try something new.
  • Resources

    Here are resources on lowering waste, sustainable alternatives, environmental new & more! 

  • How Does Bulk Refill Work?

    How does bulk refill work? 

    • We weigh empty container. • You fill with product. • We weigh again & subtract. container weight. • You pay per oz of product filled.