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Rhubarb Botanicals [Emma & Jeremy]

Meet Emma and Jeremy, the amazing artists, farmers, herablists behind Rhbuarb Botanicals, located north of Mt. Vernon! ūüĆŅ

These awe inspiring humans have 40 acres of rolling land and are in their second year of farming. Emma & Jeremy grow over 150 varieties medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, and perennial shrubs. In addition to growing all the herbs/botanicals, Emma has a full herbal apothecary in which she makes teas, tinctures, salves, elixirs, bitters & more! In 2019 Emma completed the Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine’s Community Herbalism program, a 400-hour immersive Western Herbalism education, grounded in a Vitalist perspective and based in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. Emma also sells her plant starters, flowers, dried herbs, & finished products to retail customers as well as wholesale.  Emma is one of those people that just radiates the most incredible energy. She will draw you in and create so much space for you to learn and explore your journey to herbal living.

On top of their apothecary, they also raise 100% pasture-raised Katahdin sheep. They are coming out of their lambing season and have helped birth over 50 lambs this month! The cuteness cannot be contained!!

These lambs and sheep are helping Rhubarb Botanicals regenerate their land by pasture raising and grazing their sheep. As these fantastic animals wander the land & eat, they are trampling plants/grasses & pooping/peeing, which causes a reintroduction of vital nutrients to the land. Regeneration encourages deeper root growth which makes the soil and plants more resilient to drought. It also locks nutrients into the soils which in turn produces prolific plant life. Regeneration is the future of agriculture. Iowa had the most fertile soil in the world when agriculture moved into our state, and it is our responsibility as stewards of our earth to bring that fertile life back. Emma & Jeremy are a vital part of this movement and we feel SO THANKFUL to know them and be able to sell their goods in our shop!

*Their sustainably produced meat will be available for purchase fall of 2023.

Their farm is registered as Certified Naturally Grown, and they are in the transitional years to become Certified Organic!


Where to find them:

Iowa City Farmers Market: Saturday Mornings in May - October
Cedar Rapids Farmers Market: Saturday Mornings May - September
Morning Glory CSA: Mount Vernon Thursday Afternoons
Newbo City Market: in Cedar Rapids Thursday Afternoons

For more information follow along on their instagram page here.

Or check out their website here! 

Cheers to more local farms thriving! Family Farm support will change our world. 


Cowritten by: Taylor Baker & Rachel Rupert