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No Mow May


You ready to hear something awesome? You can actually do MORE by doing LESS this spring. When it comes to your yard work, that is. What if we told you by participating in No Mow May you will actually spend less money, time and energy on your lawn while also doing your part in helping your local ecosystem? Sounds amazing, right?! 


No Mow May is where you allow your lawn to grow throughout the entire month of May without mowing or fertilizing. The goal and purpose is to allow grass, dandelions, clover, etc. the chance to grow creating habitat and forage for the early season pollinators.


No Mow May first started in 2019 in the United Kingdom and has since became popular here in the United States. Appleton, Wisconsin was the first state in the US that adopted the practice of No Mow May, in 2020, and since several cities and states have followed suit. 


We also get that the whole shaggy grass thing isn't for everyone, so we challenge those of you to try to leave just a portion of your lawn. Mowing your lawn less creates habitat and can increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife including bees and other pollinators.


 We challenge you to mow a little less this year and maybe incorporate some flowers into your yards. Who's with us?!