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New to sustainability, or just looking for some guidance? This page is ever-changing as we add new things, expand on what's here & provide access to the knowledge we have!

You can find more information about our shop, how refilling works, and recipes in our blogs. In this post you will find external resources, books, podcasts, & more!


The first thing we would like to share a link to is www.littlerless.com

Littlerless is a website landing ground for all things package free. They offer a state by state guide to shopping more sustainability with links businesses that offer package free grocery, refills, eco brands, & more! Litterless is an incredible resource and we hope  you use it if you're not local to find us, to find someone in your community who is doing what we are! We would love your support of our business, but we also encourage you to take a look at what available in your city!


Kiss The Ground:

If you're local to Iowa you know how important agriculture is here. We are a shop that is passionate about regenerative agriculture. We understand the land we live on is some of the most fertile in the world & it is our responsibility to learn to tend for it properly. Our current systems are not going to provide long term. We must pivot the way to feed the world. 

Kiss the Ground is a Netflix documentary about regenerative ag and what the farmers are doing on the ground level to create change in the biggest ag states in the country. I LOVE this documentary, it changed the way I think about food and our ecosystem.

Find more information at www.kisstheground.com



Braiding Sweetgrass - Robbin Wall Kimmerer


Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet - George Monbiot

Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture - Gabe Brown

Under the Sky We Make - Kimberly Nicolas 


Wasteland - Oliver Franklin-Wallis https://www.prairielights.com/book/9780306827112

Social Media

Kyle Lybarger (forestry & wildlife conservation)

Tiny Waste (Eco Living, Low Consumption)

Jessica Clifton  (Eco Living, Low Consumption, Nature)

Shelby Orme (Sustainable Living & Advocate for people & planet)

Emma [The simple environmentalist] (low waste living for all)

Lauren Bash [relauren] (Climate Activist, optimist, storyteller)

Ross Reid (Nature, Biodiversity, Conservation)

Maria [livingplanetfriendly]  (Eco Living, Low Consumption)

Kiss The Ground (Regenerative Agriculture)

Repurpose Global (waste removal, climate clean up, world wild humanitarian activists)