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Universal Tint Stick [Locust Grove Farm]

Universal Tint Stick [Locust Grove Farm]

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These bad boys are made locally by the epic Rebecca of Locust Grove Farms!
I use it on my lips and Cheeks!
Lip butter is my go to lip product for the day time! Packaged in a small eco compostable tube, these little lip tints fit perfectly in a pocket or a purse.

Tiny but mighty. Each eco tube holds almost 2x the amount of balm vs a typical plastic tube, and when its all gone, there is virtually no waste.

This formula is full of antioxidant rich oils and other hydrating ingredients to protect your lips from dehydration.

A natural, healthy rose lip tint with a little hint of peachy sparkle. Dot on for a lighter color, swipe on for a bit more intensity. Easy to put on and easy to wear!

It's formulated with 97% hydrating ingredients such as broccoli seed oil and moringa oil and 3% mica, red oxide(mineral based) and zinc oxide for color and natural mineral protection.
*Broccoli seed oil is highly moisturizing, non-greasy and absorbs quickly with a high fatty acid and vitamin content.
*Moringa oil is nutrient-dense oil, high in palmitoleic, oleic, and linoleic ac